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Treatment gave me the chance to start a new and better way of life. I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for their help.

– Paul G.

Learn Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Really Works

Support, Encouragement, & Comfort

Welcome to the website of Discovery House Comprehensive Treatment Centers of Rhode Island. If you have taken the time to read through our site, chances are that you or someone that you care about is struggling with an addiction to opioids. We applaud you for taking the brave first steps toward a life free from the dangers of opioid dependency. The addiction treatment experts on our staff have specific training in the field of opioid addiction, and they understand the overwhelming challenges that are linked to this disease. Because of this, we are available to assist patients by developing customized plans of treatment to ensure that each individual receives the personalized care that he or she needs in order to successfully progress toward recovery.

Realizing Hope

Overcoming an addiction to opioids may be one of the most daunting hurdles that an individual encounters during his or her lifetime. The comprehensive treatment that is available through our centers provide patients with the opportunity to treat both the physical and emotional aspects of their addictive behaviors while simultaneously increasing the likelihood that lasting recovery will take place. Discovery House Comprehensive Treatment Centers of Rhode Island are here to provide you with the support, tools, and education that is required in order to overcome the disease of addiction.

Individualized Treatment

Our treatment is designed for individuals aged 18 and older. The medication-assisted treatment that we offer employs specific prescription medications that are designed to safely eliminate the physical symptoms of withdrawal while providing relief from cravings for continued opioid use. When medication-assisted treatment is combined with therapeutic interventions such as individual and group therapy, patients are provided the support and encouragement that is required in order to progress in their treatment. By taking a comprehensive treatment approach, we provide patients with the chance to address and process the underlying causes of their addiction while preparing for a substance-free future. Our highly customizable treatment ensures that patients receive the individualized care that is necessary for recovery. Please contact Discovery House Comprehensive Treatment Centers of Rhode Island today if you or someone that you love would benefit from the treatment options that we have to offer. We are here to help you achieve the healthy, happy, and opioid-free life that you deserve.